About Us

Stone and Grain was opened in Ocean Grove, Victoria by Andrea Renwick in 2010.

Whilst styling her Melbourne house to sell, Andrea's life-long love for luxe home wares collided with a deep burning desire for a career change, and the seed of Stone and Grain was planted.

And what better place than beautiful Ocean Grove to begin her new business venture? A place dear to her heart, one she had visited often throughout her life and felt like her home away from home.

The store was warmly welcomed by the Ocean Grove community, and it was not long until Andrea & her team took over the next shop space, doubling the size of Stone and Grain.

Over the last decade, Stone and Grain have gained an incredible following of loyal customers who have become friends, expanded our women's fashion, and continue to offer a delightful array of homewares, gifting, babywear and accessories.

Our online store was launched in 2018, and as always, whether online or instore we continue to strive to keep our offerings exciting and fresh, as well as provide our customers with the very best products and service the retail world has to offer.